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Pet Detectives Karin TarQwyn with K9 Cade

Karin TarQwyn

"After trying another pet detective agency...  I found Karin...  Nugget was home within 11 hours of implementing Karin's plan"

Dear Karin, Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for your unbelievable support and help in bringing my beloved pug, Nugget, home to me. You are a one of a kind... an extremely compassionate and caring person whom I have had the pleasure to connect with this past month. I had lost all hope in ever getting my irreplaceable boy again and you came to my rescue. Here is our story of how we were able to find our missing pug within 11 hours of working your plan:

We moved across town and the movers left the front gate propped open. Our dog, Nugget got out. We put up signs we had hand made all around our gated community and at various locations in our town (about 300 signs). I spent 6 hours tracking his route with another pet detective agency and visiting shelters, to no avail. After 6 days searching I was losing all hope of ever getting Nugget back. I decided to go online for some other way to find Nugget and found Karin's website. I called Karin and she promptly called me back and told me exactly what I needed to do. From across the miles, she designed very large, laminated signs and I picked them up. Along with her aerial mapping I was able to put her signs up in key locations so that cars driving by could read them easily. My husband and I put the last sign up at 12:30 am on the 6th day of Nuggets disappearance and by 11:15 the next morning I received a call from a state trooper, (a half hour away from where we lived), saying he thought he found our dog. The trooper saw our signs and saw a lady walking a pug nearby. After questioning her, the trooper discovered they had found the pug a week ago. I drove to see this unknown pug to find out it was my Nugget! I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to see him, fat and happy. I owe my happiness today to Karin and her wonderful support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   All the Best, Dina Edelen, Dublin, California

Here is the story of Basil and his rescue, which without your involvement would not have had this happy ending! Finding your website and emailing you about our missing dog was the best move I ever made!

You were able to profile Basil and knew exactly where he would travel. You also were able to give my devastated daughter hope and peace of mind throughout the ordeal. It was all a very emotional experience and took a lot out of all of us but we were very lucky. I don't believe that we would have been able to capture Basil without your knowledge and expertise in tracking animals and in the knowledge of animal behavior. Basil, according to Karin was a classic roaming dog scenario along with being in a new environment and to top it all off his skittish temperament which made him go into survival mode not letting him hear us or allowing us to approach him.
Basil is now back in Gulf Shores with his brother Jack along with our other 4-legged family members and doing very well. He lost weight but seems happy to be back. Jacquie might try bringing him back up sometime later but for now he will only go on visits.
Thank-you from all of us!   Karin Brock (along with Jacquie, family both 2 and 4 legged, and friends)

Karin, we are so happy to have Mindy back home with us. Our family just wasn't complete without her. We would have recovered her without your help. Recovery was in record timing!! 15 hours after beginning your campaign, she was located, and 5 hours after that, we held her in our arms.
Your confident, professional attitude assured me, that we were in capable hands. Your advice was straightforward and to the point. Within 4 hours of deciding to hire you, my family was out working the strategy focusing on areas around the city where you directed us.

See Karin, I also am a trained professional. As a physician I am required to take charge in crisis situations on a daily basis. I have learned to put my emotions on hold and move forward with the task on hand. But all it sudden I found myself on the receiving end. I did not have the proper experience or "hands on" training to conduct a search to find my Mindy. I felt helpless and paralyzed. But with your help, there now was a plan and thus hope.
As you told us, Mindy was much further away than we thought. I am THANKFUL TO GOD that there are PEOPLE LIKE YOU out there, WHO CARE ABOUT ANOTHER'S PLIGHT.
As I am writing these lines, Mindy and our older dog Oliver lie next to me sleeping. LIFE IS GOOD !! Thank you for being instrumental in bringing our family back together. Evelyn Reher MD, Omaha NE

Karin, I just wanted to take a minute to get back with you on how much we appreciated your help through the dark hours when our dogs went missing. I take a certain measure of pride for doing things in a practical and reasonable way, but the ways in which I tried to search for our dogs certainly were not. I relied on little more than old wives tales on how to search for pets. I was fortunate to have found you & the ways that you suggested we look for our lost family members made sense.

There's a lot of things I would do differently. Hiring you sooner is the first on that list. Thanks again, Johnathan Ashcraft

From The Pet Owners ..

Hi, Karin; Just had to write this note to tell you HOW GRATEFUL I am for YOU!  If ANYONE is ever doubting using your service - for even a moment, please refer them to me.

 My dog, Daisy, disappeared on Sunday, October 4th.  I didn't even sign up with you until yesterday, October 14th - TEN DAYS LATER.  I felt foolish for not calling you sooner, thinking it would be too late.  My dog is a 2 1/2 pound Teacup Yorkie and is VERY valuable in a small town like mine - I seriously considered giving up my search and not wasting the money on your service yesterday.. especially after earlier seeing a small Yorkie that looked like mine - flattened in the road near my street.  I suspected the road killed doggie was my dog and felt there was NO way she could still be found after so long. BOY WAS I WRONG!  I followed all of your instructions, put up the campaign the same day finishing around 11PM.  I hardly even had the strength to do that - but I am so glad that I did!!   At 5:30 PM, TODAY, I got a call about my dog.  It is 6:15PM - and I have already been home with Daisy for the fifteen minutes!

Anyone that is looking for their lost pet - don't give up hope!!  I almost did. Please Don't Give up - and don't hesitate to hire Karin.  I thought a detective needed to BE HERE to help me find my dog but I was wrong. Thank God for you, Karin!  Karin's service is More than what you think - it works!!

My TEACUP YORKIE that was missing for 11 days - in a city that borders Mexico - with no ID, no tags, no micro-chips - returned - within 24 hours of starting Karin's program!!  My baby is home!! And she is so tiny that most wouldn't even have known she was a DOG!!  If Karin could help me find my Daisy, she can help you!!!

Follow EVERY instruction she gives you - don't question her, just do it.  Karin is THE BEST HOPE FOR FINDING YOUR LOST PET.  Don't question, it, just call.

NOTE:  The people that found my dog even told me that they found her in the same place Karin told me she would have probably gone too.  THANK YOU, KARIN!!!!  I have my life back, again!!!   Very Sincerely, PRiNCeSS DaNTe

Found by Dog Team… Yogi goes missing from a vet hospital

"Thanks for finding Yogi." Dr. Tom Boekbinder, Veterinarian, Carmel, Ca.

  "Yogi, Lew and I are zapped! Finally the adreneline has calmed down. It is so thrilling to have him home. There is no way to thank you enough!!!
Warm regards to you, Paco, Dodger and Cade - The  Bow Wow Quartet!" Joie Goodkin, Carmel, CA.

His family went on vacation and Yogi went on an expedition. While being boarded at a veterinary facility, the wily Havanese made a break for it and wiggled under a tiny spot in the fence. Within seconds the vet staff was in pursuit but the fleeing dog raced through traffic and disappeared.

After five days, Karin & the K9 team came to the attention of the group and a call for immediate help was put in. Within two hours of TarQwyn's arrival, the furry dog was located down on the river and a capture initiative was in place. Yogi was back in his family’s arms within 10 minutes.

Told to one of Karin's clients by a  MARN Pet Detective:

"I am not going to tell you that I can do what Karin does. Whether the other pet detectives want to admit it or not, she is the best and none of us can do what she does."  
Certified MARN - Missing Animal Response Network Pet Detective

Karin... I cannot thank you enough for all of your help finding Beau. I really do not have words for how relieved and grateful I have to have him back home safe and sound. He slept for several days straight once he got back, and so did I. I am working on plans to see if I can put him on a zip line or something else, so that he can run on the farm without taking a chance of losing him again. Your services, expertise and advice were invaluable to me during the search. I would be honored to write any review or referral about my experience. I truly cannot thank you enough.
Beau is my family and my best friend, and I am so happy he is home. I am working on getting a better photo, but I have attached a quick one I took on my phone. The entire community and everyone involved in this search is so happy to hear the great news!
Thank you,.......Julia Lindsay​​

From Other Pet Detectives ...

Shannon - 8 Days Missing - 12 miles Traveled

"Even though she was in Oklahoma and we were in Texas, Karin was following Shannon's plight by satellite maps. She was really  right there with us the entire time".
Karin TarQwyn's consultative services were a crucial component in finding our lost Sheltie, Shannon, who was lost in a rural, wooded area, 100 miles from home.
Karin helped us to know what to do, what not to do, and really just kept us going through the entire ordeal. Even though she was in Oklahoma and we were in Texas, she was following by satellite maps and really just right there with us the entire time.
From the beginning, Karin was able to assess the situation quickly by asking a series of questions about Shannon and the situation, and viewing satellite images. In a flash, she had designed effective and eye-catching signs, ordered, and advised on the best places to post them. She helped us understand what Shannon's mindset was like at that time (terrified, in flight-mode, running from even people she knew and loved), and based on that, Karin advised us on how she would likely behave, respond, and where she might go next. She helped us to understand how we should behave as well at every stage of the game. All of this information was vital to us as it was not all immediately intuitive, especially in our own panicked state of mind.
Karin was available after every sighting, ready with fresh advice on where to go and what to do, and the best theories on what Shannon's next move might be. Finally, after 8 days lost in the country and 12 miles traveled, we were able to set up a situation in an area where she believed she would return and ultimately we were able to get her to come out to us, and she was finally home safe again!
I believe one of Karin's biggest strengths is her strong empathy. She has been through this herself and she understands the instincts not only of a panicked or lost dog, but also of his or her panicked and (figuratively) lost guardian. She kept our heads straight, made sure we always had something productive to do, and ultimately I think that was key to staying active and not becoming paralyzed by fear, or debilitated by despair.
Anybody in a similar situation really should consider including Karin as a big component of his or her overall plan for finding their dog and bringing that dog home safe again! -Karen A. West Davis and Alex H. Davis

From the Division Fire Chief - Menlo Park Fire Department in California after K9 Cade found Abby in 20 minutes after missing for 11 days.

Karin... My name is Frank Fraone. You began your search at for Abby near my home on Wednesday. First I want to thank you very much for finding her. We had searched for days and even at night using thermal imaging cameras and search parties with fire fighters and LE officers. I have worked with search dogs for years through the FEMA US&R program but you and your dogs are amazing. I am very connected with K-9 search dogs across the country. If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. Thank you so much.

Frank Fraone...Division Chief...  Menlo Park Fire Department

Karin, I am excited to tell you the good news - Boudreaux is home!

We had a call on Monday afternoon from someone who had seen him three days earlier about 7 miles southwest of us in a small rural township. We immediately went and put up more signs around the area being sure we hit those thru streets and major inter-connects like you said. Within 24 hours we were called by someone who had seen him in her backyard the night before. Corey went out and called him several times and Boudreaux came running to him, obviously happy to be found. It was a wonderful moment!

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. Your method of aerial analysis, signage and strategic placement was crucial to the initial sighting. He was much further away than we thought possible as you said he would be.

 Our family is all together again. Thank you!All the best, Marlene Bowman, Auburn, AL

Lacy Found by Dog Team

Just to give everyone a little background, we rescued Lacy for WIN in October from a puppy mill in KS. Like many puppy mill survivors, Lacy was badly matted, in need of vet care, and very much un-socialized. So many things scared poor Lacy, but we knew that with some love and patience, in time she would overcome the scars from the mill. Lacy was placed in a foster home here in Omaha, and her foster parents took good care of her. However, one night, a door was left open, and Lacy seized the opportunity. She bolted. This happened 9 days ago.

The search for Lacy began immediately but after nine days we were losing hope. Then, a ray of hope. Our friends within WIN suggested Karin TarQwyn, the canine investigator and missing dog expert.

We really didn't know what to expect at first. But after talking to Karin for over an hour, it was clear to me that she not only had the expertise, but also much passion and commitment for finding dogs gone missing. Her heart was in it. I knew she could help us, and we were lucky enough that Karin and her Canine search team just returned from an assignment. Karin understood our worries,  and agreed to drive from Oklahoma to Nebraska (over 8 hrs, each way) to help us look for Lacy. Karin begun helping us way before she reached Nebraska. She prepared the signs and we found what a difference a good sign makes, coached us, gave us reasonable expectations, and great ideas including how to involve media and we were featured on one of the local news.

I was prepared for the search. What I wasn't prepared for, was the experience of working with Karin's Canine investigators. Cade, Dodger, Twist, and Paco, I'll never forget you. Seeing you in action was one of the top ‘most incredible' experiences I've ever had. These dedicated Canine investigators worked tirelessly, covering miles of unfriendly terrain in a single day. The most amazing thing was the consistency between dogs, and the fact that people would confirm sightings of Lacy in the areas where the dog team indicated Lacy's scent. Karin and her search team have 2-way communication that never failed.

Karin's experience, and the Canine search team talent, is what brought Lacy to safety. I never, in my wildest dreams, dared hoping she would be back home in just one day. But Karin, along with Cade, Dodger, Twist, and Paco, amazed us in more than one way. There is no doubt in my heart, that this team has made all the difference in bringing Lacy to safety. She would not be back home if it wasn't for this committed team. What is important to note, is that Karin is a big supporter of rescue herself. She not only rescues and fosters, but her whole dog team is made of terrific dogs, all of which she rescued, and trained to help people and dogs, in desperate situations like ours.

Thanks to all of you who have been thinking of Lacy and supporting our search for her. She is safe now, and we owe it all to Karin, Cade, Twist, Dodger, and Paco. If anyone is ever in the position of looking for a lost dog, keep Karin's info handy. I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing team. Thanks to all... Alma Knoll Omaha, Nebraska