From Karin...

A  few days ago, I began to get “the feeling.”

As those close to me know, I run my life based on intuition and “the feeling” comes when there is a dog out there that I am going to be asked to help.

In some ways, it is exhausting and consuming but I have learned that this is the most authentic and gracious way for me to live. And when “the feeling” happens, there is always a dog out there that will appear in a matter of days. 

Last night, he appeared. I received a message about a young German Shepherd  living in a bad situation. The pictures showed a junked-up yard with a young GSD standing among all the trash.

I knew this was the dog I was going to help.

I contacted the owner of the dog who told me he had to “get rid of him” but honestly wanted some money too. I have my own opinion about this but in reality… it is about the dog... period.

Earlier today Carol my wonderful friend and fellow rescuer, secured the dog and he will now begin his new life.

We named him Journey.
He was thin and dirty. He is heading to the vet to begin the barrage of tests and rehabilitation. Although he was very frightened, he licked Carol's face in gratitude.

Should you want to help there is a donate button on this page. 
Any and all help and resources are appreciated.
And who knows, there just might be the heart of a tracking dog inside his battered soul.
Here we go!

His Journey has just begun...

For the Quickest Response Call:  888-569-5775

Karin TarQwyn