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Karin TarQwyn

After being rescued from Puerto Rico, Lucy a shepherd mix had just been adopted by Kim. Shy and insecure Lucy gradually began to adapt to life in New York. In her sixth week in the U.S., an accident occurs and Lucy finds herself  loose on the busy streets of Brooklyn. The panicked dog runs for her life... disappearing into the busy New York night. This is the story of her capture...
Missing for four days and with no sightings or information since her escape, Kim finds Karin through a local rescue. On the fourth day, Karin designs a  strategy based on the dogs K9 profile and the environment where Lucy went missing. Twenty hours after the strategy begins, the first call comes in, Lucy has been seen just minutes ago... she is streaking across a busy street at a full run. The fleeing dog is running through Brooklyn at break neck speed dodging traffic and people as she flees. The calls began to come in reporting the dog's locations as she makes her way from North Brooklyn to the south. Kim jumps in a taxi. She is in Manhattan... 45 minutes away.
The taxi driver understands her pleas and puts the pedal to the metal, driving as fast as traffic will allow. Kim monitors the calls as they continue to come in reporting  Lucy's run through the city. Thankful for three way calling,  Karin is on the phone as the cab streaks through Manhattan. Worried that Lucy will again disappear, Karin asks Kim to convince one of the witnesses to stay and follow the tiring dog. A friend arrives and together they keep Lucy in sight following her from a distance like super sleuths on a case. Lucy enters an alley and Karin suggests to Kim that she ask the witnesses to gather people walking by and form a line at the entrance to the alley. The witness agrees. They will all wait for 15 minutes until Kim arrives. Shoulder to shoulder, the human wall of strangers form a barricade at the entrance of the alley. Finally Kim arrives and races to the alley.  As she enters the alley,  the human wall of citizens closes back around her in case Lucy should bolt.
As Kim approaches, she can see that Lucy's paws are cut and bleeding from her days on the roam. Quietly Kim waits... Karin has advised her that Lucy must allow her to approach and not to rush the capture. Armed with a hidden leash, Kim makes her way towards Lucy until she can lay the lead across her neck and tighten the lead.  With the silently cheering wall of strangers forming a gateway to the taxi, Lucy is loaded into the taxi. They head straight to the vet where the wounds are treated and the bedraggled dog  is released to go home.
Home again... everyone breathes a sign of relief and sleeps for the first time in five days.

Lucy On the Run Through Brooklyn