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Karin TarQwyn

Karin TarQwyn is one of the most recognized private investigators and K9 handlers in the United States. 

Since 2005, she has worked full time assisting  in the location and recovery of the missing. Having worked over 1500 cases in pursuit of missing people and pets, she has pioneered and developed Recovery Based Tracking, a natural dog focused style of following a subject's scent. By encouraging the individual tracking dog's instinctual drive with that dog's natural preference and disposition, Recovery Based Tracking Dogs achieve a higher success rate than dogs trained in method tracking which is the style used by most Search and Rescue organizations. 

TarQwyn appears regularly on TV shows and in the media.  She has  been featured and filmed by CNN, Animal Planet, the Today show, People, PBS, Dog Fancy and over fifty TV shows and newscasts across the U.S. ‚Äč

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