Time is of the essence...

The search for a missing dog can be complex, time consuming and terrifying. Timely action is imperative and when the decision is made to seek help from an expert, be sure that the individual you choose actually has the expertise and skills necessary to design, implement and complete an investigation and search for a missing pet.

There are  fewer than a handful of real professionals skilled at profiling missing pet behavior and the accompanying scenarios. The story to the left clarifies the need to choose an experienced professional from the onset as opposed to window shopping for the best deal. In almost every case, that cheaper option will result in very little if any results.

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Karin TarQwyn

"After trying another pet detective agency...  I found Karin...  Nugget was home within 11 hours of implementing Karin's plan"

Dear Karin,
Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for your unbelievable support and help in bringing my beloved pug, Nugget, home to me. You are a one of a kind... an extremely compassionate and caring person whom I have had the pleasure to connect with this past month. I had lost all hope in ever getting my irreplaceable boy again and you came to my rescue. Here is our story of how we were able to find our missing pug within 11 hours of working your plan:

We moved across town and the movers left the front gate propped open. Our dog, Nugget got out. We put up signs we had hand made all around our gated community and at various locations in our town (about 300 signs). I spent 6 hours tracking his route with another pet detective agency and visiting shelters, to no avail. After 6 days searching I was losing all hope of ever getting Nugget back. I decided to go online for some other way to find Nugget and found Karin's website. I called Karin and she promptly called me back and told me exactly what I needed to do. From across the miles, she designed very large, laminated signs and I picked them up. Along with her aerial mapping I was able to put her signs up in key locations so that cars driving by could read them easily. My husband and I put the last sign up at 12:30am on the 6th day of Nuggets disappearance and by 11:15 the next morning I received a call from a state trooper, (a half hour away from where we lived), saying he thought he found our dog. The trooper saw our signs and saw a lady walking a pug nearby. After questioning her, the trooper discovered they had found the pug a week ago. I drove to see this unknown pug to find out it was my Nugget! I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to see him, fat and happy. I owe my happiness today to Karin and her wonderful support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Attached is a picture of Nugget, home again safe and sound with my daughter.

All the Best,

Dina Edelen

Feeling hopeless and discouraged...

Feeling hopeless and discouraged after hiring a novice MAR technician... 

Nugget's family found Karin on line. Read below to discover how Nugget's family was empowered to keep looking... Their boy was home within 11 hours of implementing Karin's strategy.​

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