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Worked, trained, studied, participated or attended the following:

​Graduate - American University of Private Investigations
CERTIFIED Santioned Professional - MASDN - Missing Animal Scent Dog Network 

PRESIDENTS DNA Initiative Crime Scene & DNA Basic
Alameda County SAR 
Contra Costa County SAR
Alameda Police Department K9 unit
CARDA California Rescue Dog Association
Human Remains Detection
Evidence Preservation
The Use of K9s in Forensic Investigations
Cold Case Forensic Detection
NASAR Scent Theory 
BSAR: Red Cross Emergency Med First Responder 
Mantracking CARDA 
Wilderness Night Search CARDA 
Cadaver; Urban Trailing; Variable Surface Tracking

Karin began her training in private investigations in 1996. In 1997 she had the opportunity to train and work with Search and Rescue K9 units in California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA). "The partnership with a dog and excitement of helping others was a dream come true for me, she explains. I was hooked from the first day and found myself out looking for a dog to train for search and rescue work the next weekend." Over the next five years, Karin trained and handled two search dogs both trained to trail human scent over long distances and time.

In 2002, after returning to Oklahoma and purchasing a ranch she experienced a loss that would forever change her life; a beloved canine friend, Jack, went missing. The overwhelming grief was made worst by the fact that she could find no system in place to find him, no techniques, equipment or avenues to strategically pursue a missing pet. To read about Losing and Finding Jack... click here.

In 2004, Karin made a decision to find missing pets full time forgoing any other type of investigations. Through continuous self study as well as seminars and research, she has honed her skills in behavior and missing pet scenario profiling.

When in her home state of Nebraska, a large percentage of her work is done over the phone Profiling and designing recovery strategies for pet owners. The rest of her time is spent on the road with her crew of canines traveling the country helping pet owners find their lost and missing four pawed family members.

Licenses, Certifications & Subjects of Special Study

​​Licensed Private Investigator in the State of California...

CA license #PI 28194
Professional member CALI - California Association of Licensed Investigators
Licensed Private Detective in the State of Nebraska...

License #656
Licensed Private Investigator State of Florida License #C1700085 Agency # A1700050
Licensed Private Investigator State of Missouri License # 2014 012295
Licensed Private Investigator State of Oklahoma  License #OK 05AG148199

Licensed Private Investigator State of Texas License # A07355001 & 51261101

Licensed Private Investigator State of Kansas License #D-5922

Licensed Private Investigator State of Iowa 

License #112638 & # 1557NE

Graduate - American University of Private Investigations
CERTIFIED Sanctioned Professional - MASDN - Missing Animal Scent Dog Network 

At the age of seven, when other little girls were playing with Barbie's and baby dolls, Karin Chockley was in her backyard pretending she and her trusty cross breed, Ace were performing in obedience trials at Madison Square Garden. By third grade, she had memorized all the breeds in the American Kennel Club registry and Ace could adeptly perform all the required tasks to earn a CDX title but alas he was a mutt and she was just eight years old.


Karin's Background and Credentials

Published Author:

How To Find a Lost Dog - The Pet Owner's Guide

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Pet Detectives Karin TarQwyn with K9 Cade

Karin TarQwyn