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Answer the phone 24/7 and change your voicemail for the times when you can't get to the phone

The goal is to find and recover your missing pet. In order to do this you may need leads, clues and possible sightings if your pet is on the roam. The broadcast and alerts ask anyone who has any information about your missing pet to call you. Many times a citizen who has information about your pet may not have ever called on a lost pet or participated in a missing pet search. Sometimes the caller may feel unsure if the animal they saw is yours... Regardless the situation, it is imperative that you receive these calls and leads so you can determine if in fact the animal the caller is referring to is your missing pet.

For this reason we encourage you to answer the phone for these calls as much as is humanly possible. Experience has proven recovery times go down for pets wherein the calls are answered quickly and consistently. For those times when you cannot get to the phone, it is highly recommend that you change your voicemail with an encouraging and heart felt message about your missing pet. . Below is a suggested script for your new voicemail.

 In a heartfelt and caring voice:

Thank you for calling. If you are calling about our missing cat/dog (your pet's name), please leave your contact information after this message. Our search efforts are continuing and your information maybe critical to finding (your pet's name). Please leave your phone number so we can call back and talk with you about what you may have seen or heard. We want to thank you in advance for your help... (your pet's name) is very important to our family...and your information maybe the lead we need to get him/her home. Thank you so much for calling.

Every call is important... even if it is not your pet... for this reason a call journal is recommended.
Click here for a printable call journal complete with the questions you need to ask to ascertain if the animal the caller is calling about is in fact... your pet

All found by P.I. Karin Tarqwyn


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