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The techniques used by North America's Number One Missing Pet Recovery Team when going on location to confirm sightings and leads reported by witnesses.

Karin checking a sightingGoing to See... The "GO Sees"

Checking and Confirming Sightings

This phrase was given to me by a client and she aptly named this part of the search. Talk to people on the streetAfter hanging up with the caller, you must now decide if this sounds like a valid lead or sighting of your pet. Try not to judge the witness, their sincerity or if you like them. Look only at the information they provided and decide if it matches the appearance and characteristics for your missing dog. This decision must be made rather quickly as you should get to the location to see if you can locate the animal the witness is reporting to you. Even if the sighting was weeks ago, you still need to go check it out unless you have a more recent confirmed sighting.

"Go See" ... going to see if the dog seen... is your dog

Drive or walk whatever is quicker to the area of the sighting. Once you get within a quarter mile of the possible sighting begin to look right and left scanning yards, down cross streets and alleys in case your pet is now traveling towards you. I have known pet owner's who raced to a sighting and passed their dog on the way because they were focused on the location not the scan.

Go to the location where the caller said he saw your pet. If the sighting was within two hours of your arrival, I suggest you drive around first. I recommend that you spiral out from the location going in the direction the caller said your pet was traveling. Dogs tend to travel in spirals. They will follow their nose and also tend to turn right more than left.

 If you do not see your dog, you should talk to people in the area and even knock on a few doors to see if anyone else saw the pet and the direction it went. More than once, a pet owner has proceeded to knock on doors, and came upon a dog that looked like their dog. Realizing the dog looked similar; the pet owner asked if the pet had been out recently and the owner confirmed that the dog had in fact been out when the witness reported the sighting. This was most likely the dog that the witness saw. If you find the pet in question and it is not your pet... move on. There is no need to put up signs or posters if you are sure you have found the animal the witness reported.

Although the "Go Sees" are the most exhausting part of the search to many people, it is these times we wait for. Don't get discouraged because there are not enough calls or too many calls.


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