Office Jerry Popp with police dog Karson after his recovery

Testimonial from Wilmington Police Department... after Lost Pet Professionals assists in the recovery of their police dog...missing 61 days! 

" To Lost Pet Professionals... you are one of a kind. The knowledge and training you put into your company and employees goes far beyond anything I have ever seen. It's been a pleasure to work with your company and a professional like Jordina". Officer Jerry Popp K9 Handler Wilmington Police Department


The 61 Day Search for police dog K9 Karson... all the way to FOUND!


Breaking News! Kodi is home... his owner explains why Lost Pet Professionals is so successful at recovering missing pets.


Client Testimonials & Their Stories of Their Pet's Recoveries


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A frightened Cowboy escapes several blocks from home... he eventually finds his way home with a little help. Click here to read his story.

We never understood until it happened to us... Cowboy goes missing.

One of our toughest cases ever... kudos to a  diligent owner who always believed Sam would get home...

Roaming for 11 weeks... covering over 18 miles...  One of our toughest cases...



Beau... very lost and on the roam in Georgia... Julia Lindsay in Georgia

Kobe... 6 days missing... no leads... Jesse Q. Oakland, Ca.

McDuff... A Wheaten love story... A Halstead... WIN Rescue

When our BOXER was lost in S.F. Bay area.. M. Torres, San Bruno, CA.

Connecting the dots... finding the friendly stranger. Dr. Rehere NE.

11 days GONE... Dante in El Paso, TX.

Happy pet owner...Shouting it out on craigslist

Lessons learned... J. Ashcroft...Norman, OK

7 miles & 2 weeks...M. Bowman... Auburn, AL

All pet detectives are NOT equal... D. Edelen... Sacramento, CA.

A very tough case... A. Knoll... Midwest Wheaten Rescue... Omaha, NE.

Kate the wayward whippet

Havanese on the run... Dr. T. Boekbinder DVM... Carmel, CA.

Roaming Yorkshire terrier... K. Brock... Tuscaloosa, AL.

Hundreds of miles from home...K. West Davis, Austin, TX.

More Testimonials for pets that were ROAMING

Dodger brings an elderly cat home... without Karin.

Dodger finds a missing kitty... while Karin is five states away!

Priscilla was seized and held for REWARD. With Karin's guidance she was home in a day.

Seized ...and Held for Reward...
Karin guides Priscilla's family to REUNION.


Click here to read about Maddy... HOME 12 hours after the call to Karin.

"I can't thank you enough for your advice. It truly saved my Mat Mat's life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you!!!!!"   J. Frey

Click here... Maddy home 12 hours after the call to Karin.

Click on the link for a photo slide show of the search and recovery.

...Omaha, Nebraska   Puppy mill rescue lost & roaming for 9 days. Karin & the dog team track over 3 miles... FIND and capture Lacy in one day!

Click here... Lacy's story as told by her guardian and a member of the search team.


MASDN Certification Achieved

Missing bulldogs... 9 weeks gone... no leads, no sightings... We find them in 7 hours. Click on this photo to see how.

A pet owner's nightmare...
SOLD to a Puppy mill!
9 weeks GONE...
In a town far away...
our incredible Cade finds their scent...

12 days Roaming... Experience the search for Lola.    Newscasts and Photos 

A tiny Shitzu... Boomer survives nine days in ice and coyotes. Click here for his story.

Tiny Boomer survives 9 days in icy sleet... and coyotes.

Basil is recovered while Karin coaches from afar.

A trial run at college... frightened Basil goes on the roam.

Dax is home. Click here to read his story.

Our youngest hero - four month old Dax... lost in the deep woods.

Yogi goes on his own quest while his owners are on vacation.

     While his owners are on vacation...  Yogi goes on his own adventure.




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