Client testimonials & their stories

Beau... very lost and on the roam in Georgia... Julia Lindsay in Georgia

Kobe... 6 days missing... no leads... Jesse Q. Oakland, Ca.

McDuff... A Wheaten love story... A Halstead... WIN Rescue

When our BOXER was lost in S.F. Bay area.. M. Torres, San Bruno, CA.

Connecting the dots... finding the friendly stranger. Dr. Rehere NE.

11 days GONE... Dante in El Paso, TX.

Happy pet owner...Shouting it out on craigslist

Lessons learned... J. Ashcroft...Norman, OK

7 miles & 2 weeks...M. Bowman... Auburn, AL

All pet detectives are NOT equal... D. Edelen... Sacramento, CA.

A very tough case... A. Knoll... Midwest Wheaten Rescue... Omaha, NE.

Kate the wayward whippet

Havanese on the run... Dr. T. Boekbinder DVM... Carmel, CA.

Roaming Yorkshire terrier... K. Brock... Tuscaloosa, AL.

Hundreds of miles from home...K. West Davis, Austin, TX.

More Testimonials for pets that were ROAMING

Missing bulldogs... 9 weeks gone... no leads, no sightings... We find them in 7 hours. Click on this photo to see how.

A pet owner's nightmare...
SOLD to a Puppy mill!
9 weeks GONE...
In a town far away...
our incredible Cade finds their scent...

Lola is recovered after missing 14 days. Click on this photo for videos and photos of her recovery.

12 days Roaming... Experience the search for Lola.    Newscasts and Photos 

A tiny Shitzu... Boomer survives nine days in ice and coyotes. Click here for his story.

Tiny Boomer survives 9 days in icy sleet... and coyotes.

Basil is recovered while Karin coaches from afar.

A trial run at college... frightened Basil goes on the roam.

Dax is home. Click here to read his story.

Our youngest hero - four month old Dax... lost in the deep woods.

Yogi goes on his own quest while his owners are on vacation.

     While his owners are on vacation...  Yogi goes on his own adventure.



24 Days ROAMING in freezing Colorado... tiny Min Pin gets home


Losing & Finding Jack... Karin's own story

Nine Weeks Gone... Seized & Sold... the Frenchies recovery

Bringing home Rudy!

Boomer... A pampered pooch survives

Dodger's Christmas Gift

MISSING for over four months... Anne never gave up on Magnum.

The Cowboy finds home!

Finding D'Argo.

The Youngest HERO.

DogFancy article about Karin

Meet Cade... a legend in his own time

Rescuer's on the ground...Karin on the phone... Darby's recovery

Finder's Keepers... but the dog team changes the captors mind.

Mindy...Connecting the dots... finding the friendly stranger

Meet Mason... our ROOKIE

Meet Paco... Karin's friend and constant companion

The Homecomings Page


Priscilla... A Yorkie's Tale

Photo documentary of the search for Lacy. Some of the techniques used & her recovery.

Click here to read about Maddy... HOME 12 hours after the call to Karin.

"I can't thank you enough for your advice. It truly saved my Mat Mat's life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you!!!!!"   J. Frey

Click here... Maddy home 12 hours after the call to Karin.


Click on the link for a photo slide show of the search and recovery.

...Omaha, Nebraska   Puppy mill rescue lost & roaming for 9 days. Karin & the dog team track over 3 miles... FIND and capture Lacy in one day!

Click here... Lacy's story as told by her guardian and a member of the search team.

Dodger brings an elderly cat home... without Karin.

Dodger finds a missing kitty... while Karin is five states away!

Priscilla was seized and held for REWARD. With Karin's guidance she was home in a day.

Seized ...and Held for Reward...
Karin guides Priscilla's family to REUNION.

A frightened Cowboy escapes several blocks from home... he eventually finds his way home with a little help. Click here to read his story.

We never understood until it happened to us... Cowboy goes missing.

Click here for my story... from Abbie

Click on the sign above for my story...

One of our toughest cases ever... kudos to a  diligent owner who always believed Sam would get home...

Roaming for 11 weeks... covering over 18 miles...  One of our toughest cases...



Below are some of the stories from pet owners that we have helped to find and recover their missing four pawed family members.

Losing & Finding Jack... Karin's own story... Missing for four months Jack lives a Lassie adventure


Breaking NEWS!
After tracking 8 miles through bitter cold in upstate New York... Jordina and K9s - Brodie, Nash and Ruckus find Mickey!

Jordina and the K9 TEAM.... find and capture Mickey in one day!


Dakota... Labrador Retriever on the roam for 4 weeks... An Incredible Journey

Angelo... Cade helps a dog that is suffering from the same crisis he just lived through

Hunter... French Bulldog missing 9 weeks... Sold to a puppy mill

Mishka...Escaped from a boarding facility... on the roam

Lucy... ShihTzu on the run... dog team tracks her over 10 miles

Rosie...Puppymill survivor lost in the marsh

Rudy.. hit by a car... Rudy hides out

  'I had almost gave up hope of ever seeing Choco again. I know he would not be here with us today if it was not for you. Karin, I can never thank you enough for what you have done for us. We will never forget you." T. Jones & Choco, Rome, GA

Beau... On the roam in Georgia

Ringo... JRT on the run in Michigan

Cowboy.. Heeler on the run for several weeks

Scarlet.. Frightened Golden Retriever... Captured

Lacy.. a puppymill survivor goes missing

Shannon.. Sheltie... 8 miles in 8 days

Abbie... just adopted... Abbie goes missing


Lucy on the lam... Private eye helps find ShihTzu on 2-week journey

Jordina Finding Gigi

Jordina Tracking and Capturing Dee

Working with a professional can mean the difference between lost and ....FOUND!

Abby... missing 11 days... FOUND by dog team in 20 minutes!

Teddie & Ellie... missing 5 months - NOW HOME!

Bailey... missing 10 days - found in 20 hours

Lilly... Pitbull missing 5 weeks, NO sightings, NO leads... FOUND in 48 hours

Mariah...Tiny Min Pin survives 13 days... among coyotes.

Cocoa... No sightings... No leads... until the call to Karin

Riley... On the ROAM for one month

Boomer... Shih Tzu survives ice storms and freezing temps

Lola.. Frightened Shih Tzu on the roam in Oklahoma City

Piper.. Wire Fox Terrier survives 16 days in the snow and attack by a coyote

Kate.. whippet on the run

Priscilla..a Yorkie's tale

Dax.. young pup lost in the woods

Jack.. Tiny Min Pin survives Colorado snows

Jordina Tracking down Penny

Prince... a street dog from Taiwan gets lost in California

Miracle & Willie.. Finder's Keepers... but the K9 TEAM changes their captor's mind

Nugget.. Pug is miles from home... Found within hours after calling Karin

Sadie... tiny Dachshund travels 5 miles from home

Lily... 2 weeks and 2 days... happy ShihTzu is recovered

Rufus... On the ROAM... traveled 20 miles

Gilah.. Fiesty Yorkie escapes while owner on honeymoon

SparkleAnne.. Tracking dog Dodger brings home lost kitty on Christmas

Yoshi.. tiny Pomeranian lost for 9 days fends off predator

Basil... Yorkie goes to college and gets lost

Mindy... Finding the friendly stranger

Kobe...Six nights in East Bay woods

Dixie...hunting dog on the run

Diesel...on the run in San Francisco Bay Area

Nemo...Finding Nemo... Karin answers the pleas of a 10 year old girl

Zoe... Closure in Carson City

Max... Closure in Colorado

Ruby...Seven days GONE... NO leads

Dakota... Labrador Retriever on the roam for 4 weeks... An Incredible Journey

"Trust Karin, she is good at what she does and she CAN and WILL do whatever she can to help you!"   - Kristi M... Cornwall, NY

Pedro...Family almost gave up... Missing 28 days... NO LEADS

Ringo...Foster dog on the run

Popsey.. missing 4 weeks in England...

Yogi.. Havanese on 5 day adventure...K9 TEAM finds him in 2 hours

Riley... gone without a trace. His family tells of the one month search

On location with tracking dogs... click here

Darby.. Karin on the phone, rescuers on the ground

Lucy... racing through the streets of Brooklyn

Cujo... Missing 3 weeks- FOUND in 12 hours

Magnum.. missing 4 months... Anne never gave up

Lila.. gone in the blink of an eye... puppy on the run

McDuff.. A Wheaten love story

Boudreaux... Pit bull... Seven miles and 2 weeks gone

Padfoot & Kitty... Joy and sorrow

Maddy... Sheltie found through aerial location

Choco was missing 5 weeks... K9 PROFILING brought him home.

Riley was missing for one month... There were leads and sightings everywhere... but which ones were Riley?

Breaking news!


Click here for Zero's happy ending! Found in one day!

Leah's family will provide her story soon... Right now they are just enjoying having her home!

Missing for 5 weeks... Lilly was found in less than 48 hours... K9 Profiling


Found in less than 24 hours of the call to Karin. K9 PROFILING works

Click here for Pedro's story

Joey... feared to have met his demise by a predator... Joey survives 6 days lost in the woods. Click here to learn how the dog team tracked to his location.

Click here for Georgia's story

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