Paco... the little General... stayed with me throughout the search for my dog

Paco cheering the other dogs as they are working in Carson City

Paco was one of the rescue dogs Karin brought to Carson City with her to help find my 10 year old American Eskimo "Zoey."

This little pint size wonder sat with me throughout the search for Zooey, keeping me company and cheering on the other dogs. He really  wanted to work the search with the bigger dogs but the coyote population was so high Karin would not let him out of the truck.
As Karin says," It's not the size of a dog that matters, it's what you see in the heart." There is no doubt little Paco would have been on the ground tracking if the conditions had allowed.

I wrote this poem to thank "Paco" for helping us with the search, lifting my morale and very unexpectantly... stealing my heart. This is for you Paco.


PACO, small and mighty

All dressed in Rescue Blues
You are the coolest General
Carson City ever knew!!

Ready to track a scent
Just like your bigger crew
You stand out in a crowd
and they all depend on YOU!!

You take good care of Karin
And your brothers and sissy too
Your just so short and sweet
A compact package that can't be beat

This is such a better world
With General's small like you
It has been my great pleasure
To meet and share with you

Stephany Corral... Carson City, Nevada



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