Havanese on the run!


"Thanks for finding Yogi."

Dr. Tom Boekbinder
"Yogi, Lew and I are zapped....finally the adreneline has calmed down.......
so thrilling to have him home. There is no way to thank you enough!!!
Warm regards to you, Paco, Dodger and Cade.....
The  Bow Wow Quartet!"

Joie Goodkin
Carmel, CA.

In the best situations, sometimes accidents happen.

His family went on vacation and Yogi went on an expedition. While being boarded at a veterinary facility, the wily Havanese made a break for it and wiggled under a tiny spot in the fence. Within seconds the vet staff was in pursuit but the fleeing dog raced through traffic and disappeared.

The Veterinarians and their staff acted quickly, notifying the owners and creating public awareness immediately. After five days, Karin & the K9 team came to the attention of the group and a call for immediate help was put in.

Within two hours of the P.I.'s arrival, the furry dog was located down on the river. Based on behavior profile and situation, Karin made quick decisions as to how to best to capture him. All personnel, staff, pet detectives and tracking dogs were pulled back and his owner was sent to the shores of the river to call him quietly with a prearranged song. Within 45 seconds Yogi appeared through the brush and briars and crawled into his grateful owners lap. This is a surprising recovery as most dogs go into a survival mode and resist their owner’s attempts at capture. Karin’s experience with dogs in this situation and his owner’s belief in what Karin told her to do, had Yogi home within hours.

Also to note: quick thinking on the part of the wonderful staff at  Carmel California Holistic Veterinary brought this frightening story to a happy ending. They acted quickly and consistently never giving up .


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