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The most cost effective and successful approach to finding and recovering a missing dog.
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Initial Contact... Step One
Case Review

This is the beginning. Either by email or phone, you request contact.

I will call you and we will have a discussion by phone about your dog's case. I  pursue lines of questioning about the missing situation and your dog's particular behaviors as well as the events prior to your dog going missing.

After consideration I will explain the situation I feel your dog is most likely experiencing and then briefly explain what I feel is the best way to recover your missing family member.

Aerial Diagnostic Satellite Search 
Community Awareness Campaign
based on your dog's missing scenario 
Many pet owners will  decide in the first call  to go ahead and pursue this  point and shoot strategy designed by Karin specifically for their dogs situation. From strategic public awareness tools and design  to perimeter and area mapping as well as techniques for confirming if a sighting really is your dog... this is all inclusive.  

Based on four years in the business and hundreds of cases;  this is the most effective and successful  strategy for recovering a missing dog. Fully ninety per cent of the pets recovered  are through this easy and supportive process.

Most pet owners will spend around $95.00 for the complete diagnostic and set up and many will opt for ongoing coaching as their search unfolds.  This is by far the most cost effective and expedient way to recover a missing dog.

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OnSite Search 

with the K9 Tracking TEAM

We will generally exhaust all other options before suggesting OnSite help. However, if any of the following situations occur, on location help maybe necessary.

** No sightings of the dog
** Sightings of the dog have stopped
** The missing pet is shy, skittish, reserved, aloof or sensitive
** Medical emergency  requires a quicker recovery.
** Pet owner is exhausted and cannot continue on their own
** There is a genuine predator concern  in the area.
** Dog went missing from a place other than his home
** The dog has lived at his residence less than three months
** Roaming dog needs to be located or a search area established
** The wandering dog does not recognize family members
** Attempts at capturing the dog have failed

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