The Roaming Dog 2

Maybe my dog is roaming or wandering.

Below is a brief scenario description as well as some of the common characteristics for a roaming dog . If your dog meets some of the criteria I encourage you to download the complete guide to successfully  recover your missing dog in the quickest and most cost effective way.

From Karin: The roaming dog is a very complex and varied scenario. If a dog has been gone longer than three days or is missing in area that is not his home, most pet owners will need  help to locate and recover their wandering dog.
I encourage you to call me... the profile is free. Please don't delay. Time is of the essence and the sooner we set up a workable strategy,  the better your chances for recovery.


Scenario in Brief

The dog experiencing this situation has gone missing and is roaming or wandering. It addresses all dogs that remain at large and are not able to find their way home or some circumstance is keeping them living on their own.  The most likely pets in this category are shy dogs or dogs that are displaced or have become lost in an area that is not their home territory..

Below are some of the more common characteristics for dogs that may experience the wandering or roaming dog situation.

  • Dog that is skittish or shy.
  • Dog that is aloof.
  • The dog is displaced from its home for some reason.
  • The dog is in the terrier, herding, sporting or hound group or crossed with any of the above. Other breeds do wander but these are the most common.
  • Dogs was adopted from a rescue or shelter
  • Dog is not responding when called by its owner
  • Escape event was traumatic or frightening.
  • Area of escape has access to an open space or rural environment
  • No sightings because dog is outside the search area or
  • Several sightings covering a large area.
  • Rescued, Stolen, Transported & Intentionally Displaced dogs can eventually end up in this situation.

Please don't delay action and strategic planning with this scenario. The goal is to get ahead of this dog before he wanders too far away or gets outside your search area, which is common.


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