Arcadia... The Dog Team Alerts... Someone drove this dog away!

Arcadia is found... after the dog team alerts.

The dog team alerts Tressa...

Arcadia has been driven away in a car! 

Tressa and her dog team went to New Mexico to unravel the mystery of what happened to Arcadia. The dogs picked up scent and tracked to an area near an apartment complex where each of the three K9s no scented. The scent ended abruptly. From experience we know that this is what happens when a pet is put in a car and drove away.

The campaign was updated to reflect the new findings and the call came in four days later. A gentleman , had Arcadia. But.... he was not the first person Arcadia had been with since she went missing. She had been found by another man who had then given Arcadia to the Good Samaritan who lived in a different part of the city. He did not know that anyone was looking for the senior poodle. The campaign notified him and he returned her... he did not take the REWARD!

This is an excellent example of how the dog team can discover the exact scenario that a missing dog is experiencing so a campaign aimed at the situation can be designed. Also... Arcadia had been found and then rehomed to another location. This is also quite common. In one case, we assisted in finding a tiny ShihTzu who had been rehomed 5 times in 6 weeks and ended up forty miles away! That was some detective work! A Community Awareness campaign needs to be specific to the situation a missing dog is experiencing.

Welcome home Arcadia! Congratulations Ashley!


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