Frightened and panicked, Penny is on the roam...
Jordina and her dog team come to her rescue 

 From Penny's family...
Hi Jordina,
I would like to first thank you for coming out on short notice and doing an awesome job with your dogs. I was very impressed with both the efficiency with which you worked and the level of professionalism you upheld the entire time while still being very open and welcoming to everything I had to contribute. It was an amazing experience to watch you and the kids work and the overall ability of your dogs is incredible. So again I thank you.

So here is my story:
My fiance and two dogs went to my sisters house which is 2 hours away and a totally different state separated by the Delaware Bay for a 4th of July 4 mile race and BBQ. The dogs were left with their dog cousin at the house while everyone went to the end of the race and the ensuing parade. A cousin came while we were out and accidentally scared Penny out the door.

Penny was missing for nine days

He gave chase since no one was around and that only made Penny run farther. By the time the family got the call to round her up she was out of sight and probably hiding somewhere. That was Thursday. After walking and calling her for a few hours I decided to knock on every door in that neighborhood and spread the word but she was already a step ahead of us.
Day two we searched early in the day walking around most of the neighborhoods around where Penny ran of to and I went door to door in the grid next to the first one. Still nothing. We continued our community awareness assault with as many of our family and friends we could gather walking around talking to everyone we could find and handing out flyers, we went to all the major businesses and hung flyers, we were on the street looking and spreading the word that Penny is out there somewhere.
Sunday we got a call that someone had seen her. We frantically jumped in the car and sped to the location of the sighting. As we were searching the area another call, then another call. We flew to the most recent call and found a man waiting for us. He definitely saw her but she got spooked into the wooded lot where we lost her. Motivated by all the activity we were now walking and talking in the 2 neighborhoods she was seen. We weren't coming up with much of anything. The only 2 sightings we received after Sunday were a day behind, an "oh, I think I saw that dog yesterday." We were falling behind and then the sightings stopped. This all started on Thursday and it was Wednesday and things slowed down dramatically. It was raining a lot and knowing Penny she was hiding somewhere so we would not be getting any sightings. It is now Friday and I have not left my sister's house. I was living in the office while my fiance went back to our house 2 hours away to continue working during the week while I continued my all day pursuit of my lost pup. We became desperate with no sightings and were baffled what we could do next, we thought we were doing everything we physically could giving the constraints of the situation. We found Lost Pet Professionals online and I gave them a call.

I talked to Cindy and she assured me with all my anxiety and fear that Jordina could deliver. I made the decision to hire them because they were extremely accommodating and could come the very next day. Anecdotal story, Jordina was 5 minutes late because she had to rescue a dog on the way to me, just collecting some good karma. She arrived with 4 of her dogs. I had some scent articles ready for her to use when she arrived. She bagged a few of her favorites and we went out to the dogs. We knew we had some sightings in the neighborhood, we had to check them out because dogs don't lie. Once Jordina pulled out Brody the chase was on. We confirmed the direction she fled to and moved on to one of the sightings.After some confirmations and some negations of the sightings we were on Penny's trail. Jordina was amazing, she always knew when to use a different dog for a different reason. After some time hopping around the neighborhood and running behind the dogs she had found an area she deemed a good place to focus on. I was very willing to keep the hunt alive as we seemed to be making great progress and had created a northern boundary. Jordina called it off and said it was time to make signs and wait for a sighting. Feeling amazing and confident when Jordina left my fiance and brother in law all went out to lunch to regroup and recant our tails of what had just happened. We got a call at lunch that kept Penny in the neighborhood at 5:50 am. I immediately called it in and Jordina told me what I should be doing. As soon as I got back to the house I got a second call that was 10 minutes old and exactly where the tracking dogs had led us! Without the tracking dogs we would not have been able to keep tabs on Penny because we did not know that area even existed.

Penny... now safe and enjoying life at home.

After 35 minutes of chasing Penny, she ran into a little league field where a bit of a wrestling match brought our now feral Penny under control. Fortunately, Penny is now eating like crazy and is back to her old puppy self, playing and sleeping. Thank you Lost Pet Professionals!!!


Kyle, Casey and all the people that searched for Penny


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