Jordina captured Dee in two days

Capturing Dee... the elusive Bernese Mountain Dog

Dee went missing while visiting her newly adopted mom's lake house. She managed to jump out in search of her Mom Paige and was not seen of or heard of for days. The dog team arrived 5 days after her disappearance. Brodie lead us off as we weaved in and out of citizen's yards near the lake where she went missing, Ruckus stepped in next and her air scenting got us further out of the area and on to a power line easement, Brodie and Nash alternated picking up the specific trail that the shy Dee traveled  and  Ruckus indicated her direction through some tough terrain, alternating the dogs as the heat was intense, keeping the team fresh and comfortable. Poor Brodie was the one to lead us as we encountered the largest sand pile wasp nest, shortly afterward nearly stepping on a large black snake in the grass!! The cicada's seemed to be invading the area, the wildlife was all over and around us!! It was wild.

Following Dee's travels from 5 days prior we were able to determine the area we needed to concentrate with a public awareness campaign, ending a long and exciting day near the lake, we mapped out what we accomplished with the dog team, and the suggested area for our newly designed signage the next day.

Well as a result, the next morning a call came in, the first sighting since Dee had gone missing, four hours later another in the very same area. The team was back on site, Brodie confirmed one sighting, and Ruckus the next. Knowing that the naturally very shy and skittish Dee would be on high alert having been out alone for some time, we were very careful not to go tracking through the woods after her, knowing she would hear us from far away and we could not risk pushing her away. We needed to keep her in the area so we could move forward with capture, Ruckus scanned the perimeter of the wooded area and indicated that most recent scent was in that area. Then we moved to capture, knowing that tracking up to a shy roaming "moving target" was not a reasonable or realistic option... as with all roamng dogs.... we needed to lure Dee to us.

We set up the BBQ and began to grill at a neighbor's home where Dee was last seen. Soon the smell of the huge pork roast we used was wafting out on the ethers.  Paige braved the snake and bug population to sit for hours in the yard as I parked staking out a nearby street. I decided that even though typically Bernese Mountain Dogs are very difficult and unlikely to be trapped that we needed to cover all bases. Paige and I managed to get a very large hav-a-heart trap from animal control. We sat together until nearly midnight monitoring the grill and watched the smoking meat spread aroma  into the air. The trap was set with steak and checked throughout the night to be sure it would be vacant if Dee were to return...

And that she did!

At 8:30 the next morning Paige checked the trap and called me excitedly that Dee was inside!!! I rushed over and we took no chances and carefully double leashed and double teamed her into the car and home!
Interestingly this typically shy dog soon came up to me in the house and was happy to let me snuggle with her, pat her and locate some ticks.   It is likely that Dee  spent some time watching her mom Paige and I from the woods the night before... so I was not such a stranger!

Congrats Paige for staying strong, braving the wildlife, (especially the snakes ) and working incredibly hard to get your beloved girl home!
It was incredible to piece together this puzzle, to get to know a great dog mom Paige, and to have the privilege to meet sweet Dee! It was totally worth all of the crazy obstacles and great stories we gained!!
Welcome home Dee!
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