FOUND and Captured in one day...
After tracking 8  miles... Mickey is located and captured!
Congratulations to Jordina, Brodie, Nash and Ruckus...
 tracked 8 miles to find, locate and capture Mickey Dees a shy and frightened Labradoodle missing since New Years Eve. Awesome work! from Karin TarQwyn

Mickey's grateful family says it best...

"I need to say thank you so much for helping us find our Mickey, he really is a part of our family and we cannot thank you enough for trekking through woods and countless neighborhoods with me showing me the way to my dog. He is home now and safe and very very exhausted! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!" Hillary Dees

Jordina with Mickey... minutes after his capture

"On behalf of our beloved family member, Mickey Dees,we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism and positive attitude in tracking and the eventual finding of this precious dog! We all will be forever grateful!!" Cheryll Barrett 

"You guys are amazing and saved a member of our family, thank you so much!!" Megan Dees.

Missing for 4 days in upstate New York...
from Jordina...
Awesome job team!! After 4 days and nights in single digit and below zero temperatures in snow covered wooded terrain just outside of Albany, Mickey is now home safe and warm with his loving family! A combined effort tracking roughly 8 miles... through woods, snow covered fields, snowmobile trails, power lines and roads. Brodie, Nash and Ruckus followed Mickey's trail from the home he went missing from New Year's eve and eventually to where Mickey traveled to. 
We started through some deep snow and wildlife trails, quickly coming up on the power line easements following snowmobile trails leading miles from where he went missing, Mickey's Mom Hilary and I followed the motivated tracking dog team with Hilary's Dad following closely behind in his van to chauffeur us back to the truck to switch dogs so no one got overly tired. The dogs were keen to keep going but we had to make them stop and take turns so they could rest in between. Rest they did not want, they were very excited to be on the job, making us work very hard to keep up!! We had not received any sightings thus far so the job of tracking 4 days worth of Mickey's seriously large travel route was upon us and we soon realized this boy was traveling far, far away from where he went missing.
Then we received a tip on Facebook that someone had seen him New Years eve, incidentally on a road we had already passed while tracking. Great news but  not getting us closer on his timeline today.
Then we got the call that we all hoped and prayed for, someone calling to say they had just seen Mickey! We jumped in our cars and rushed over, as we were checking for scent to confirm if in fact this was him, another call comes! We rushed over to that sighting, Nash jumping out to confirm that yes it was our boy!! I sent Hillary and her Dad walking, warned them not to call loudly but quietly talk to him. I  took little Ruckus, our air scent dog out so I could determine quickly which way Mickey had gone. When a roaming dog is nearby we work to stay back with the dog team not getting to close so we do not spook the shy dog. Ruckus bounded down the street and made a turn onto another trail (Mickey sure loved those!) and onto the easement (again!) and into the back of a neighborhood. Hilary was ready for him when he appeared there but when she called he took off. We regrouped and I scanned Ruckus again for a point of direction, then 2 more calls! The calls came from the direction dog team was now heading towards. I held the team back, just confirming and getting a direction so Hilary and her Dad could go out to the field where Mickey had been sighted.  This time moving slowly, talking quietly and having a fence to block him, Mickey's journey came to an end. As I not so patiently stayed back and  waited to get that call from Hillary, "We Got Him!!!" I flew over there in my car, so I could meet him! I was so unbelievably happy for Mickey's family. They had been so worried about him all alone in the woods with just a labradoodle coat in such brutally cold temperatures. but other than desperately needing a bath Mickey looked great and clearly was so happy to be back with his family!!
With a roaming dog, especially one traveling such great distances as Mickey a "walk up find" is so rare, meeting our lost boy at the end of a long day searching was a feeling I will hold on to forever, needless to say Brodie, Nash and Ruckus slept very well on our drive home :) and were rewarded with salmon filet on their dinner last night...

Congratulations Mickey and family! Great job running miles with the dog team Hilary! Best wishes in the future!!
Jordina, Brodie, Nash and Ruckus

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