Bailey was found in only 20 hours

Missing 9 days... no sightings... no leads.

 Day 9 ...Bailey has been missing 9 days.

After hanging tons of fliers, knocking on millions of doors and walking every neighborhood,  Bailey's Mom calls KarinKarin designs a strategy based on a friendly beagle who is an escape artist. Bailey's family begins the strategy that same day.

Day 10 ... Bailey has been missing 10 days... It has been 19 hours since Bailey's family called Karin.

Yahoo... I can't believe it!  Our first phone call and the man has Bailey. He is on his way to our house right now!

1 hour later...

Karin I have her!
She was literally right around the corner. They picked her up about 10 minutes or so after I lost her and they have been holding her since. They were waiting to see if the animal shelter reported that someone  lost a female beagle. Apparently our animal shelter has no filing system and does not take lost pet notifications seriously. She watched them fill out an index card and throw it in a box full of index cards, the shelter never told us . The family had decided not to bring her to the pound in case she wasn't chipped. At the end of this week they were planning on bringing her to the animal shelter and find out if she was chipped and if not she was going to update her shots and keep her as their own. Hooray for good people.

Thank you so much...

K. Miller in MO

For immediate HELP call: 888-569-5775

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