"Working a case in Nashville, Tennessee we were told about a rescue that had Jack Russell terriers. The volunteer group we were working with encouraged me to check it out. As I was looking at the JRTs, I noticed a black beagle mix in an X pen. Why was a beagle at a JRT rescue?"  Karin TarQwyn

Nashville (Nash)... from stray to hero


MASDN # 09 NJ 1404

We had a some down time during a search in Tennessee and decided to go look at a potential K9 candidate for the tracking team at a JRT rescue. We have always had great relationships with the JRTs on our team and Twist our second in charge... a true Jack Russell Terrorist,  was getting ready to retire. As I looked at the many Jack Russells I did notice an obvious not-Jack Russell. A black beagle mix doing his darnedest for me to notice him. I caught his eye and remember thinking... "I wonder if he has it?"  The Rescuer commented that she had seen something special in the young dog when she had seen him at the shelter which is why a beagle was now among the many Jack Russells she was fostering. I thought about her statement and then remembered  I was there to look at the JRTs so I moved on. The little beagle would have none of that... he climbed over the top of the pen and launched himself into the air apparently knowing that I would catch him. Stunned... I was now holding a wiggly ball of energy... he had went to so much trouble to get noticed that I had to test him. Within five minutes I knew the energetic pup had the stuff... When we left Nashville for Nebraska... Nash went with us.
Nash like Brodie is a tracking dog... following his subject foot step by foot step. Also like Brodie he is incredibly intelligent. When working with Nash it is like having a human partner on the other end of the line. His ability to communicate his findings, doubts and trails is astounding. From the beginning he kept up a constant dialog with me as we followed trail after trail. He quickly moved up the ladder on the team and today he is third in command.
I have had to learn to pay attention when the Universe presents opportunity. Had Nash not made himself known I might have missed an excellent chance to work with an outstanding individual. This experience has helped to fine tune my intuition... to keep open to the infinite availability of possibilities in everyday life....


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