Curious Beau chases a hot air balloon and....... gets very LOST!

Beau on the roam in Georgia

Me and Beau.... thankful beyond words that he is home


I cannot thank you enough for all of your help finding Beau. I really do not have words for how relieved and grateful I have to have him back home safe and sound. He slept for several days straight once he got back, and so did I. I am working on plans to see if I can put him on a zip line or something else, so that he can run on the farm without taking a chance of losing him again. Your services, expertise and advice were invaluable to me during the search. I would be honored to write any review or referral about my experience. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Beau is my family and my best friend, and I am so happy he is home. I am working on getting a better photo, but I have attached a quick one I took on my phone. The entire community and everyone involved in this search is so happy to hear the great news!

Thank you,.......Julia Lindsay



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