Thoughts from from Chris... Helping to recover Piper

Chris and Faith learning how to track scent

Chris helping Karin

The injuries Piper sustained are clearly seen

Injuries to her flanks and rear legs

From Chris....

Piper's saviors indicated he thought he had a possum in his shed eating his bag of dog food the day before Piper was found. He now knows it was Piper. I believe that a very tired Piper showed up, found a place to stop with food and water available and made herself comfortable but stayed hidden nearby. This unfortunately allowed the coyote(s) to track her as she stayed in their territory. The farmers here kept telling me that if she is alive it is because she keeps moving and the coyote packs don't know she is there before she has moved on. The vet said her puncture wounds were probably dog or coyote bites and they were fresh... most likely from the day she was found. Piper's finders told me the coyote's were crazy that night and thinks they were after Piper. Not sure how she got away but the vet was not as surprised. She told me a story about the coyotes chasing her dog right into her barn. She ran out when she saw her dog running and ran right into one of the coyotes as she came out of the door. The coyotes did not back off until a shot was fired at them.

Piper managed to get on the porch and the dogs barking from the house kept the coyotes at bay long enough for the farmers and their two dogs to go see what was happening. They did not see Piper at first but the dogs did and pointed her out to them. The wife  thought it was the little dog they received the phone message about, (Find Toto broadcast). The sign Karin put up on Stagecoach the day we were tracking across the logging road is the one the farmer drove to to get the telephone number to call.

When I arrived at the farm to get Piper, the farmer's wife was laying on the dog's mattress with Piper to keep her warm and calm. Piper was a bloody mess and obviously very worn out. She tried to stand up for the ride to the vet but couldn't and gave in to lay down.

With large doses of I/V pain meds, antibiotics and hydration she was doing pretty well by the next morning. I was surprised she seemed to recognize me when I went to see her. The vet had me help pull her I/V, take her for a walk and bathe her as she was pretty calm with me there.

Piper has great survival skills... I am glad that it all ended so well.



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