RINGO... Panicked and on the roam
"Karin was my rock throughout this entire ordeal..."
First of all, I want to thank every one of you because it was a group effort that brought Ringo back home.  It was all the people watching and caring and CALLING that made this happen.  If you ever see a lost dog sign, please stop and take a moment to jot down the phone number or put it in your cell phone.  Timing of the sightings of roaming dogs is critical to finding them.  I have talked to some of the most compassionate and caring people this past week, and I am indebted to all of you. 
 Before I tell you the last chapter of the story of Ringo, I want to tell you that I hope you never go through the ordeal of a dog that has gone missing.  But if you do, contact Karin TarQwyn.Put Karin’s name and contact information in your address book.  All those awesome laminated “Lost Dog” signs you saw around town were designed by Karin.  She mapped where to put them, and she was available anytime I needed to talk with her to decide where to turn next.  I called Karin this morning when I got my last call from someone who saw Ringo.  Karin was instrumental in talking me through the steps of what to do next, and she helped me bring Ringo home.  Karin knows how to find missing dogs.  She knows the various breeds habits and tendencies.  Karin was my rock through this entire ordeal, and today she helped me bring Ringo home.
   Ringo Found ---- The Last Chapter   
I got a call this morning at 9:18am from a man who asked me if my dog was still missing.  I told him that he was, and I asked the next question, “Have you seen him”.  The man told me that this dog he was looking at that very instant was wearing 2 collars, one red and one blue, and he was dragging a leash.  I knew he was looking at my dog. 
“Where are you right now”, I asked?  He told me he was on Laura Hill Road, and he was headed east and they (he and Ringo) were right in front of the fire station.  I kept him on the phone as I grabbed my car keys, a leash for Petey, and some of that Dierbergs roasted chicken.  I ran to my car, and I asked the man calling to please stay with my dog……just keep him in sight if he could.  Less than a minute later, the man said, “Do you know where that red barn is right next to the fire station? Your dog just turned and is heading towards that barn”. 
The barn where Ringo is seen   
 I was in my car and racing to the location with Petey in the back seat.  I arrived at 540 Laura Hill Road around 9:25am; no more than 5 minutes after my call had ended with the man who had just called.  The house sat way, way, way back from the road, and there was a small red barn sitting out front.  There was also a “no trespassing” sign posted.  I stopped my car at the end of the driveway near the street and got out with Petey.  I had Petey on a 16 foot flexi-lead, and I had that Dierbergs chicken (the smell of which I will forever associate with this horrific ordeal).  I slowly walked down the driveway towards the house, letting Petey sniff and pee at will.  I wanted to first ring the doorbell and make sure the property owner knew I was out there and to ask if it was ok for me to look for my dog. 
 But when I rang the bell, no one was home.  So Petey and I were just starting to walk around a bit when I heard a dog barking “woof woof”.  I turned and looked down the driveway to the street, and there was Ringo standing about 3/4 of the way down the driveway which was easily 2/10ths of a mile long.  He was “woofing” at us, which meant he recognized Petey’s scent.  I squatted down to a crouch; however in actuality, the better thing to do would have been to just sit down and quietly wait.  Ringo moved off the driveway and into the field around the barn, so I slowly and quietly moved down the driveway to get closer.  When I saw Ringo, I stopped and sat down behind a big tree trunk, and I let Petey’s full length flexi-lead out and locked it so that it wouldn’t make any “zinging” sounds.  Petey ran towards Ringo, and when Ringo looked up and saw Petey, he bolted into the adjacent brushy wooded area.  I took Petey for a walk up and down the driveway, and when Ringo did not reappear, I put Petey back in the car.  I took the chicken to the barn and left it in the doorway of the barn.  And I left with Petey. 
When I got home, I called Karin to report the event and ask for guidance.  Based on all we had done to try to lure Ringo without success, she advised that we now needed to try to capture him.  Karin instructed me to go back to the barn in about an hour to see if Ringo had eaten the chicken and if so, to put out a little more food just a little deeper into the barn.  She outlined a plan to use the barn to capture Ringo and how to lure him to the back of the barn to allow us more time to seal the entrance and trap him.  She told me that we were 80% of the way there, and there was a good chance that we would have him in 24 hours of less.  Karin also recommended putting a blanket that Petey had been sleeping on in the barn.  And she recommended taking some of Petey’s poop and scattering it near the barn. 
When I checked back about an hour later, the chicken was gone, and there was no sign of Ringo.  The property owner was home this time, and she was agreeable that we could use the barn to try to capture Ringo.  Before leaving, I put the food and Petey’s blanket in the barn, and I scattered Petey’s morning poop.   
Hungry and exhausted... Ringo is caught in the entrance of the barnWe were planning to rig a gate to cover the entrance of the barn after luring Ringo to the back of the barn.  On his way home from work, Jim stopped at 540 Laura Hill to measure the entrance of the barn.  As he approached, Ringo came out of the barn and stood in the doorway staring at him.  Jim was about 50 yards away.  He called me to tell me that Ringo was in the barn.  I asked Jim to not look at Ringo and to move away from him, towards the car and to stay there while I called Karin……but do not approach Ringo.   I called Karin and told her the situation.  She suggested that I take some food to the barn to feed Ringo.  Karin advised that he might bolt, and that was ok.  I was just feeding him, and that was ok. She told me to avoid looking at him as I approached the barn and suggested that I do what I normally do when I fed him.  Since I talk to my dogs when I am getting food ready, she suggested that I do just that.  Karin said that one of two things was going to happen.  He would either bolt, or he would allow me to walk up to him.  And if he allowed that, I would get hold of the leash as quickly as possible.  So I took some more of that Dierbergs chicken and a little bit of tuna, as well as some dry dogfood.  I opted to leave Petey at home because it just felt like the right thing to do.  
 I arrived at 540 Laura Hill at about 5:45pm.  I stopped at the end of the driveway by the street and did my level best to slowly, but confidently walk towards the barn.  I shook the bowl of dry dogwood, and I started talking “doggie talk”.  I kept my head down and did not even look at the front of the barn.  Ringo did not appear in the doorway as he had for Jim, so I was wondering if he had figured out how to slip by, which would have been ok.  I really did not expect that I would be able to just walk right up to him, and I would have rather he was not there instead of watching him run from me.  I got to the entrance of the barn, and Ringo “woofed” at me.  I dropped to a crawl, and I inched forward to give him his food……and I was able to pick up the leash.  He ate some of his food, and he never stood up. 
  Ringo was skittish about coming out of the barn with Jim standing out there, so I suggested that he approach the barn without looking at Ringo and try to stay as low as possible.  When Jim arrived at the barn, he talked to Ringo and petted him, but Ringo remained skittish, and there was no getting him out of the barn.  We sat and worked it all out slowly, and finally Ringo was able to get up and walk with me to the car.
 I would say “the end”, but this is a new beginning…… Thank you……all of you.  It takes a village to find a roaming dog, and the citizens in our community are amazing.  Ringo would have never made it home without you. 


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