Pedro... GONE... 28 days.... NO sightings... NO leads

In New York... Pedro is recovered by a citizen and taken to another city...     
Karin coninually updates the strategy.... reaching further out until the finder's family realizes the dog their cousin found.... had a desperate family searching for him... 10 miles away

Pedro was missing for 28 days... and was 10 miles away
Pedro... it's GOOD to be home.

Pedro home after 28 days

"I once had a missing dog..."

My name is Kristi Malone and I once had a missing dog named Pedro.
Pedro is a very tiny teacup chihuahua weighing in at only 5lbs. Pedro got spooked by some fireworks going off nearby and ran off one night from our backyard while my husband was letting him out before bed. He was missing 10 days before we even called Karin TarQwyn. 
She got back to me very quickly and designed a strategy and signs. If it were not for her signs and the strategic places she had us put them, we would not have our dog back today.
Our little Pedro was missing for 28 days before we finally got him back. It was a very hard time for me, but if I had given up on him when there were no sightings or phone calls for weeks and wasn't willing to set my grief aside and try new things, then Pedro wouldn't be the dog that was once missing... he would be Pedro the still missing.
Trust Karin, she is good at what she does and she CAN and WILL do whatever she can to help you!!

- Kristi M... Cornwall, NY

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