Rosie was hiding in these marshes

   Puppy mill SURVIVOR...

            On the roam for seven days...

The dog team locates Rosie's hiding place in the marsh

Finding Rosie!

Rosie after seven days in the woods and marshes
Rosie... the night of her recovery... thin & tired but SAFE!

Mason leading the search
Mason leads the search

Dodger... assists

Dearest Karin,

More than a miracle: your expertise, endurance, and encouragement brought our dog home.

You and your incredible team of dogs determined the area in our vast park system in which our bichon was roaming for a week. You established the perimeters and correctly theorized her  behavior patterns. Your insistence of an expansive  campaign, with all the other factors, allowed several people to call when they sighted Rosie, after she finally roamed from the wilderness onto the road which you rightly pinpointed as ground zero.

Rosie is home, safe, a little dirty, thirsty, but remarkably unscathed.

Further, I greatly appreciate all the knowledge that you shared with us about the nature of a breeder dog rescued from a puppy mill. This information will help us understand and better care for this "special needs" dog.

Karin, you have our gratitude. We appreciate your compassion. And we hope that we stay in touch and remain friends.

Love to Cade, Mason, Twist, Dodger, Yuri, Paco, and YOU-

Darlene, Leo, Anna, Mary, Dennis and our entire community in  Brecksville, Ohio

Into the briars and brambles

The marshes are ahead

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