ode to Twist....

Twist... unrelenting drive in a beautiful spirit



I have always believed events that occur in our lives are all meant to happen for a reason. Sometimes a bad thing that happens can only lead us in another direction or perhaps our lives affect others without us really knowing how or why?
Sadly, I have lost my best friend, but happily I have met several new ones, one of these is


This little dog is so full of life and energy she will just knock you over with her power and strength. I love her unrelenting drive and beautiful spirit which she shares with the world.
the only girl on the team... I consider her a new friend.......

 A twist of fate...

 Out of the mist... jumped this this tiny K9 miss

She whirled and barked... demanding her turn

Little did I realize that by the end of our time together... she would be at the top of my gratitude list...

She jumps and she shouts
While spinning about
We followed her lead
keeping up at top speed.

No canine companion has such
Heart, drive and spunk
to find the right scent
and keep up the hunt.

With the heart of a lion,
she brings joy to your soul
while teaching compassion...about life's many tolls

Stephany Corral... Carson City, Nevada


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