Dodger... the team's true tracker...


Ozark Mountain Feist?? He's a WHAT kind of dog?

 I had never heard of this type of pet and of course I had to do a little investigating myself to satisfy my curiosity. These intriguing pets are super intelligent dogs with a natural hunting ability. They are energetic, curious, highly spirited, love to play but also can be lap dogs.

After I met Dodger I realized he had all of these traits plus more. His uncanny tracking ability to trace scent footstep by footstep made him stand out from the rest of his rescue team.

in gratitude to him...


 Dodger... the little professor

He hails from the Ozark's
This courageous young guy
He's quick, smart & faithful
When you give him a try.

Dodger is his name,
And what's his claim to fame?
He's the Specialist Flyer of Karin's domain,
With just a little training he entered the game.

He tracks step by step with a microscopic effect,
Never losing direction while searching for clues,
This good natured pup tries
to bring you good news!!

AKA The Professor, with keen senses in tact,
this cute little mountain dog
Attempts many a task.

Such a kind and gentle fellow,
He brings love to all he meets
He's a friend, that old Dodger...
and he helped rescue me.

Stephany Corral... Carson City, Nevada


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