ode to Cade

Cade... meeting a Legend


When this huge brown dog jumped out of Karin's van I was speechless as to his magnificent size and beauty...
 SO this was the famous Cade!!

When you look into his deep set eyes... you know he has many stories to tell.
Cade, you have taught us all so much about Rescue, giving us hope and faith and leading us all the way.

You were the one to guide us through to the end
It is  hard to believe you are a dog ...


Cade, YOU stand tall among your
There's so much you already knew.
A legend in your own time,
So glad you were a part of mine.

Karin's partner, guide and friend
Can you take us to the end......
Of the trail that leads to
Joy or Loss.
No matter what, you're still the Boss.

As human as a girl could wish,
This lead dog has extraordinary skills,indeed.   
Bringing joy, success and fame,
All to Karin's name.

That ability you have to reason.
Helps us track through all seasons.
In the sun, in the rain, in the ice storm... evern through the pain.

Carrying the heaviest load of all.
You taught the others to stand tall.
The technique you designed ...
taught the rest how to refine.

Always there to guide us through
An innovator, faithful partner,decision maker, all is true!!
There is no one like you.

Thank you... Cade

Stephany Corral... Carson City, Nevada


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