From Abbie... a newly adopted rescue


Hi, I'm Abbie.
I am a shepherd mix from the Dogs As Family Rescue.
I was adopted to a nice family in Elk City, Oklahoma. When they took me out for a walk I got my leash caught on some Christmas decorations and I panicked!

My new owner let the leash go and I took off running and running. They followed me, calling me but I was so scared I couldn't think. I just kept running through fields, in between houses and out into pastures.

I can't tell you when I actually stopped running but it was cold and dark.

The next few days were a rainy, cold blur until a nice lady saw my picture on a poster and called for help. My new mom and several volunteers came out to save me. I did run from them too but with help they got me cornered in a carport and my mom walked up and took my leash. Yes, I still had my collar, tags and leash on!

Now I am home safe and my mom says she would never had got me back without the posters and help she got from Karin. My new mom is so happy to have me she lets me sleep on the bed with her now.

Thank you Karin you saved my life.

Merry Christmas,



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