A Wheaten love story....

...finding McDuff

New pet owner... devoted rescuer and Karin...

McDuff was found by combining efforts...
Home... safe and FOUND!

 A combined effort.... brings McDuff home....

Well, it was about 3 weeks ago today, when two, 4 yr old brothers showed up for short-term fostering, Their names were Wilson & McDuff and they had been surrendered by a 70 yr old woman. Wilson only stayed for the weekend as he was adopted by a nice, young lady not far from my home in the northern suburbs of Chicago. McDuff was under "my watch" as I had a friend in Green Bay WI who was considering adoption but wanted a better understanding of his temperament. So, after 2 days of "my watch" I knew this dog was very low key for a Wheaten, very loving and full of kisses; just went with the flow. McDuff and my Wheaten, Maddie, and my Schnauzer, Molly, all got a long quite well...it was nice to have a man in the house.

So, my friend, Dave, decides to adopt McDuff but has to go away on business over the following weekend and asks me to keep him; it was a pleasure to have him longer. Dave comes to pick up McDuff last weekend, takes him back to Green Bay on Saturday and calls me Saturday night. "McDuff is acting skittish and scared. He acts like I'm going to hit him." I told him it was a lot of change for McDuff and would take some time for him to adjust again, to a new environment. The ugly call came in the next morning. "McDuff ran out of the house as I was trying to get him on my lead in the yard. He dashed!" 2 days later,on Tuesday around noon, Dave called and said the police had spotted McDuff about a mile from his home but couldn't catch him as he fled anytime someone got near him.

I called, Karin, a Canine Private Investigator, and asked for advice, as I knew this dog had no bond with the new owner or the Green Bay area. Karin told me she thought I should head up to Green Bay with my dogs and help find him. So, the girls and I drove 3 hours the next day to Green Bay. Karin had put together great signs and had mapped out exactly where to post the signs and where to look for McDuff, based on his sightings. So, Dave hung the signs as I plowed through the neighborhood with my Wheaten, where McDuff was seen last. About 45 minutes later, I spotted McDuff, called his name, he slowly recognized us....He came running up to us, I sat on the ground, he put his 2 paws on my shoulders, licked my face like there was no tomorrow, and rolled on his back to have his tummy rubbed.

It was a "True Wheaten Love Story!" A little full of burrs, skinny, but still as cute and loving as always, McDuff is now back at his new home and bonding with his dedicated and loving new Dad!

Amy Halstead

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