Joy and Sorrow... and lessons learned


I just wanted to take a minute to get back with you on how much we appreciated your help through the dark hours when our dogs went missing. I take a certain measure of pride for doing things in a practical and reasonable way, but the ways in which I tried to search for our dogs certainly were not. I relied on little more than old wive's tales on how to search for pets. I was fortunate to have found you & the ways that you suggested we look for our lost family members made sense.

There's a lot of things I would do differently & I have implemented them. I can't change the past, but feel that these changes would probably have kept us from losing Kitty. Padfoot now has a new playmate, Remus, who is a larger german shepherd 2 year old. He is a sweetheart & loves to be playful, we're very fortunate to have found him at the local pound. Both of them are very important to me and I don't care to lose them as easily as we lost Kitty. All of our pets now have radio collars, called loCATors . The collars are $50, water submersible, & I like these because they've got a 5 week battery that I change every 2 weeks for $12 a year guaranteeing that the pets have at least 3 weeks to be found. They also have a range of 1 mile, perfect for Oklahoma as there are major public roads on the section lines. I'm testing the collars out this weekend with a sort of search by having a friend hide one of the extra collars we have somewhere within a few miles of home. I also have given my dogs a 3M reflective collar & harness. The collar comes from & has our phone number legible from a distance on it & the harness is from doggytoyland . These harnesses are awesome because of how much reflectivity they give. Padfoot is all black & very hard to see at night. I've also taken pictures of them from the side against a contrasting background. We have identified strategic points to setup up posters in groups of 3's & have the posters ready to be printed out. The dogs are getting RFID chips embedded in them soon, as well. Should the worst happen again, we'll be able to mobilize quicker I am confident.

 A little investment in what I count as my family will help to keep us from going through such an experience anytime soon I hope. I only hope more people can learn what I did about finding lost pets sooner rather than later.

Thanks again,

Johnathan Ashcraft


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