Hundreds of miles from home... traveling 8 miles in 8 days... Shannon is found...


"Even though she was in Oklahoma and we were in Texas, Karin was following Shannon's flight by satellite maps... she was really  right there with us the entire time".

Karin TarQwyn's consultative services were a crucial component in finding our lost Sheltie, Shannon, who was lost in a rural, wooded area, 100 miles from home.

Karin helped us to know what to do, what not to do, and really just kept us going through the entire ordeal. Even though she was in Oklahoma and we were in Texas, she was following by satellite maps and really just right there with us the entire time.

From the beginning, Karin was able to assess the situation quickly by asking a series of questions about Shannon and the situation, and viewing satellite images. In a flash, she had designed effective and eye-catching posters, instructed me on printing, and advised on the best places to post them. She helped us understand what Shannon's mindset was like at that time (terrified, in flight-mode, running from even people she knew and loved), and based on that, Karin advised us on how she would likely behave, respond, and where she might go next. She helped us to understand how we should behave as well at every stage of the game. All of this information was vital to us as it was not all immediately intuitive, especially in our own panicked state of mind.

Karin was available after every sighting, ready with fresh advice on where to go and what to do, and the best theories on what Shannon's next move might be. Finally, after 8 days lost in the country and 12 miles travelled, we were able to set up a situation in an area where she believed she would return and ultimately we were able to get her to come out to us, and she was finally home safe again!

I believe one of Karin's biggest strengths is her strong empathy. She has been through this herself and she understands the instincts not only of a panicked or lost dog, but also of his or her panicked and (figuratively) lost guardian. She kept our heads straight, made sure we always had something productive to do, and ultimately I think that was key to staying active and not becoming paralyzed by fear, or debilitated by despair.

Anybody in a similar situation really should consider including Karin as a big component of his or her overall plan for finding their dog and bringing that dog home safe again!
-Karen A. West Davis and Alex H. Davis

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