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The Most Common Concerns...

What happened to my dog?

I think some one has my dog

How do I get my dog back if some one has her?

Should I drive around looking for my dog?

How do I get people to call me if they see my dog?

How do I know they are calling on my dog?

I have friends that will help, what is the best way to search?

My dog was stolen... what can I do?

How do I encourage some one to give me back my stolen dog?

We have coyotes in our area... could my dog have met with predator?


Aerial Diagnostic Search
Community Awareness Campaign

A full scale search and campaign designed by Karin specifically for your dogs missing scenario and the environment where he went missing.

90% of the dogs I recover
are FOUND in this way!
This is very effective.

"Without you we could not have made it through this. Rudy is alive because of you."

"We were so tired, so discouraged. So many times we almost gave  up... The calls kept us going and now he is home."
The Woods


More Common Questions

I think my dog is wandering around but no-one has called.
What do I do?

How do I get help and more resources?

I made fliers and am going to bring them to all the vets and groomers.
Is that effective or the best use of my time?

I have seen my dog but he isn't coming to me..
What do I do?

I need to capture my very shy dog... how do I do this?

Is it best to bring in tracking dogs now?

Is it expensive to bring in the tracking dogs?

What are the chances the tracking dogs
can find my

Do people really find their dogs this way?


" During our time together I will profile your dog's behaviors as well as the missing event. The aerial diagnostic of the escape area and surrounding terrain will take into consideration the many dispositional factors discovered during your case profile . I will then design the complete Community Awareness Campaign angled towards the most likely scenario your dog is experiencing.

If I feel there may be more than one possibility, I will combine techniques to cover both possibilities.  Do not underestimate the degree of importance of strategically worded and  psychologically based posters, announcements, search strategies, activities, techniques and mapping. This works."

By utilizing aerial mapping, comparative analysis and strategies specific to your pets situation, this  cost effective and results oriented approach is simple to follow as Karin is there to guide you. In addition, we will decide on the most effective techniques viable in your situation and appropriate  for your budget. 

You will also be given access to the Client Resource Center with photographs and step by step instructions for each technique. Pet owners consistently  comment on  how much easier and effective their pursuits become due to a guided and  personal one-to-one contact with Karin.

Our session  may include:

  • Case Review & Profile
  • Aerial & Map analysis
  • Complete set up of the Community Awareness Campaign based on your dogs missing scenario.
  • Terrain & topographical effect with weather and basic needs evaluation
  • Unlimited access to the  Client Resource Center
  • Strategy & technique evaluation for effectiveness based on your pet's personality profile.
  • Strategy & technique evaluation for effectiveness based on your pet's most recent behavioural patterns or exceptions.
  • Strategy &  evaluation based on your pet's escape scenario
  • Strategy & evaluation based on  environmental influences
  • How to search for your dog and what not to do
  • Comprehensive search strategy
  • Complete planning for large group search strategy if available
  • Affordable options for expanding or detailing your existing search efforts
  • Innovative approaches designed for your missing dog's specific situation
  • Success probability of On Site Investigation with K9s: Matter of fact and honest evaluation for chances of success.

 "I have experienced the crisis you are living. I am not only sympathetic but sensitive to the exhausting emotional roller coaster this pursuit can entail. I will do every thing in my power to shorten your journey towards a positive outcome."

 Aerial Diagnostic  Search
Community Awareness Campaign set up 

$2.00 per minute

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   you will be glad you did.



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