Your Lost Dog's Appearance, Characteristics & Profile

Printable Sightings Journal Form

Handling Facebook Sightings and Leads

Types of Calls..."I saw your dog"

The "Go Sees"... Checking and Confirming Sightings

The techniques used by North America's Number One Missing Pet Recovery Team when preparing to gather information for  sightings and leads reported by witnesses

 How to Handle Sightings…


Talking with witnesses



Sightings are  key to moving  the search for your pet forward and to the next level. Most of the activities we pursue are performed to achieve sightings, lead, clues and witnesses. It is important not to underestimate these calls and information given by concerned witnesses as they are important pieces to your  search. Handling the information with accuracy and timeliness is very important.





Identifying Your Missing Dog's Characteristics and Behaviour


Once you know that your pet is missing, the search to find someone who has seen your dog or knows something about what happened begins. The information you will gain mayaffenpinscherchihuahua.jpg help  move the search forward or it may not depending on its content. We want to take full advantage of every call or witness statement so it is important to know what to ask. By planning ahead and having your dogs pertinent information available, you will be prepared to ask the right questions.  This form is helpful in organizing your dog's information into a usable format.

Asking the Right Questions...The Sightings Journal

When the calls and information begin to come in, we  need to ask the pertinent questions necessary to decide if the information given is in fact about our missing dog. For this reason, we have designed a form for our clients to use when they are taking a sighting or lead. We have also found it helpful to have a formal way in which to keep track of the information. Slips of paper and backs of envelopes mysteriously disappear at exactly the time you need them.  I strongly encourage the use of a notebook or binder either store bought or put together with our Sightings Journal Form. 


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