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Making the most of your Broadcast & AmberAlerts



 Pet AmberALERT is now at work delivering your alerts... Below are some tips that will enhance your search

 The following actions and activities will enhance and support your search making your broadcast and/or shelter and pet services alerts more effective and long lasting. I have been a full time professional in the missing pet industry since 2005 after recovering my own dog, Jack, who was missing for over four months. I share with you that the most effective search for a missing pet is one that is consistent and strategic based on the missing scenario your pet is experiencing. 

Should you need professional help in recovering your missing family member, please consider the affordable options you can pursue.

Good luck... and keep the faith.

Karin TarQwyn... Private Investigator

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Step 1... do immediately


Step 2... time is of the essence


Step 3... what to do if leads come in from locations outside your search area



Step 4...Work with a Professional

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Karin with veteran lead dog... K9 tracker - CADE

Consider our most affordable options for professional assistance...

K9 Profiling for your missing dog   

Feline Profiling for your lost or missing cat



How to best use your Pet AmberALERT flier 

Make several copies of your flier from Pet AmberALERT and distribute to:

  1. neighbors and citizens in the area where your pet went missing or has been seen
  2. postal carriers
  3. delivery drivers like Fed Ex
  4. school bus drivers
  5. local police and security patrol officers
  6. animal control officers
  7. newspaper delivery person
  8. construction or road crews working in the area  
  9. local schools for their office, teaching staff and students

Fliers are to give to people...As you hand out the flier tell them, " Please keep this in your car in case you see my pet."

Information specific to your missing dog

Missing DOG Resouce Center

The NINE Scenarios

under which  pets go missing... Your pet is experiencing one of them.



The phone rings and the caller says I think I saw your pet this morning. You listen and the description and antics the witness describes match the characteristics you would expect of your missing pet. As you race to the new location, you realize that this is not in the area you have been focusing on... what do you do to increase the awareness in this area?

There are three actions we recommend when a pet has been sighted in a new area:

1. Talk to residents in the immediate area where your pet has been seen to see if anyone else has seen your pet. A good rule of thumb is to go five houses up and five houses down the street from where the sighting occurred.

2. Place large professional signs in the new location with a clear photo of your pet standing from the side. We recommend at least ten signs in the new location.

3. Order an additional Pet AmberALERT in this new location. You will receive a discount on any additional Pet AmberALERTs you order.

We need this new location on the ALERT... so you and your pet will experience the joyful reunion so many of us have enjoyed!


Lost Cat Information Center


Since 2005...  Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn is regulary featured on web sites and in the media as an expert on how to locate and recover a missing pet.

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