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Scent Specific K9s...

Hiring a tracking dog team... Who, When, Why and WHAT

The missing pet profession is a new industry rapidly on the rise. Spearheading the industry is the evolving practice of utilizing dogs trained to follow the scent of a missing dog or cat.

When tracking dogs are brought in to help with a missing pet search it can shorten the recovery time and give much needed information.In some cases, the missing pet may be found by the tracking dogs. It is important to note however, that generally speaking the tracking dogs do not just sniff and walk up to a missing pet.

What is more likely is that the professionally trained tracking dogs will supply the information needed to move the search to the correct location, discover if a citizen has recovered the pet and provide the leads necessary to discover what in fact has happened to the pet. Sometimes the K9 team may discover that pet most likely met with an accident and/or the pet met it's demise. Dogs professionally trained to follow the scent of a missing pet can greatly enhance a search and shorten the recovery time.

NOTE: Beware of anyone claiming or guaranteeing that they will find your pet. . Like any fast growing industry in its infancy, the pursuit of missing pets with tracking dogs seems romantic and exciting attracting hobbyists, novices, scam artists and individuals unskilled in the techniques and handling skills necessary to effectively handle a dog team. Karin works with skilled K9 handlers in many parts of North America. If she and her team are not available or there is a professional closer, she may refer you to a reputable ad skilled handler closer to your location. 

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