Printable Sightings Journal Form

How to Handle Calls & Sightings

Handling Facebook Sightings and Leads

Types of Calls..."I saw your dog"

The "Go Sees"... Checking and Confirming Sightings

The information gathered and used by North America's Number One Missing Pet Recovery Team when beginning to work with a client to locate their missing dog.


Your Dog's

 Appearance, Characteristics & Profile

This information is to be used as you gather information from a witness. In the enthusiasm of a sighting or lead it can be hard to remember these important facts and features. Have them ready before the witnesses call.

What is your dog's breed or cross:           

How big is your dog - include Height & Weight:

How old does your dog look:

Describe your dog's coloring completely:

Describe a unique feature about your dog that a witness could see from 50 feet away:

  Remember these are some of the probing questions you will ask to confirm identity of the dog the witness saw so be sure this type of information is in your notes:

1. To compare size:

If you were standing next to the animal you saw, where on your body would that dog come to in height?

What would you guess the animal you saw weighed? More than 10 pounds... more than 30 pounds? etc...


2. Unique features
Did you notice a collar? (Do not state whether your pet did or did not have a collar on when she went missing)
Did you notice _____ (a unique or prominent feature your pet has like tail, ears,color)

Can you describe the color or markings of the animal you saw?
Did you notice anything about the dog you saw that was unique?

Information about the sighting or lead

Does your dog have on a collar?

Color of collar:

Material collar is made of/unique decoration:

Does your dog have on tags? Describe color and shape:

Was your dog wearing a sweater or anything else when he went missing?

Does your dog like other dogs?

Do you think your dog would respond to an open car door?


Would your dog respond to any type of audible sound or noise? (squeaky toy, whistle, shaking of treat box, etc.)

List anything you think your dog might respond to (odor, sound, food, etc.):

YOUR notes, thoughts and suggestions of behavior or appearance not covered here



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