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Sightings and leads reported through Facebook are becoming a fact of life. As people continue to incorporate social media into their everyday lives, this format of information and lead delivery are beginning to make up a large percentage of the information received by pet owners. Facebook has increased the volume of potential witnesses and has also through Lost Dog Community pages increased the number of people and volunteers that may get involved with a missing dog search. In some cases, it has been because of a dog's Facebook community that the dog has been found and recovered as was the case with Doogie, (Finding Doogie).

When receiving potential leads from social media and email it is crucial to still incorporate all of your lead confirming protocols to ascertain that the dog the witness is posting about is in fact your missing dog. Perhaps in no other format is it more likely that a witness, can actually take a photo with their phone in real time and post the photos of the dog they believe may be your lost dog... instantaneously. That is a very quick way to get a confirmation. So ask the same questions and if at all possible ask the social media poster if you can talk by phone as you are anxious to get going to the location but need to clarify a few things first. Most people are more than happy to talk with you. If they do not want talk gather the information clarifying as much as is possible and then make a decision as to the information's validity. More than once a pet owner went out to a sighting only to find that the address did not exist or that the lead was in fact from a spammer who was invading the Facebook page. You need to be careful with the information you are receiving and you want to always be safe.


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